The Power of Love

(This essay was written when I watched the speech by Bishop Michael Curry on Prince Harry’s wedding and I felt something deep within that wanted to see the light of day. These are my thoughts and views from a meditation on love and Unity in the universe. Hope you enjoy!) There is a new Curry […]

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Flaming Flower

(This is a poem of a flower seen in Cambridge (UK) that was being gently kissed by the sunlight in a manner where its petals seemed to be catching fire, in what can be regarded as a ‘flaming flower’. A beautiful sight! This poem has also been published here) Coloured softness nods in the breeze, […]

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My Visit to Stamford Bridge

Being a Chelsea fan since around 2007 and having grown up watching the Blues play (albeit on the telly), watching a match at Stamford Bridge, the home stadium of Chelsea FC, was always something I looked forward to. And on the evening of 9th May 2018, I got just that opportunity! Even though the match […]

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When the Cosmos ‘Talks’

Some of you may wonder what this article is all about, given such a title! It is not about how gravitational waves ‘talk’ about the underlying reality of the Cosmos or about how fauna tend to ‘talk’ in their own special ways. None of these involved ideas are what I speak of. It is about […]

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Post-Truth Passion (Poem)

(This is a poem on the ever-increasing movement away from Truth by politicians. This poem has been published here). Tangles of vortices dance in wild indifference to the gentle flow of Truth. Vortices that veil Āb-solution* and absolutes, in their muddy spin- doctors to seek ordo ab chao**. * ‘Āb’ is a Persian word for […]

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