The Softer Dialect of Neo-Racism

The recent World Cup victory by the French team brought a lot of promises. Promises of Mbappe-ning (read: happening), beautiful football. Promises of a game that seems to have moved on from the tiki-taka era. And most importantly, promises of unity, solidarity and brotherhood. However, unlike in 1998, when the government almost believed that the then-World-Cup-winning “black, blanc, […]

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The Diary of/for a Prince

I recently started reading Niccolo Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince‘ in between my PhD thesis-writing. Il Principe as it was originally called, this book is more of a diary correspondence than just a description of statecraft by Machiavelli that he sent to Prince Lorenzo de Medici. If there was a figure whose nature closely resembles the (half-blood) […]

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Recently, a mathematical concept has caught my attention due to being associated with a research interest: Tetrations. These are fascinating (mathematical) beasts that function as hyper-exponents, if you will. This post is slightly mathematical (disclaimer for those who are averse to mathematical adventures, even in the slightest) but an interesting read with some colourful (fractal) […]

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Dharma, Revisited

(This article arose from a meditation on the concept of Dharma, which goes beyond descriptions of righteousness, to incorporate elements of philosophy that are not often seen in such discourses. This includes the idea of having a place of the reflexive tendencies of existence and also the  connection of Dharmic development to contemporary sustainable development […]

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Milton’s Mulberry Tree

In the picture below, the tree behind me is called ‘Milton’s Mulberry Tree’ and is located in the Fellows’ Garden of Christ’s College,my alma mater. It was planted in 1608, the year John Milton was born and later named in his honour. It is said that he sat under this tree (or rather its parent-tree, […]

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