Potala over Peking

Earlier today I read a small piece of news- the attack of the refugees of Little Tibet on the Chinese Embassy, New Delhi. A startling revelation, it was, as I always felt that the psychology of a refugee is to feel a recluse, secluse and unattended too. But they had increased vigour or was it a sort of revengeful return for the 1949-1951 Tibetan invasion, though the Dhammapada prohibits the same. It clealy was an outburst on the domineering Mandarin speaki ng people। Before 1949, the Emperor of the Chinese kingdom was even loyal to Taoism, Shintoism and Tibetology, as found by the archelogists in 2006, under a pedestal top, at the Forbidden Palace.

The Dalai Lama, in the very true sense the God man, commands such respect and a mystic attachment of each one to him. This surely is a big blow for one who is always wanting to put forth the other cheek if slapped. Moving around in Majnuh-ka-Tila can make you find wayward Tibetans, who have absorbed the North Indian culture. Their lose is serious to such a degree, that they are ready to harm you if threatened or spoken to in a stern way, like a few North Eastern people. This is not a comment from someone who wants to taint the name of the already much wounded identity of the Tibetans or the North East Indians, as I am from Assam myself, but alot can be done to help maintain the standard of culture and individuality which the Ahoms, Kocharis, Chogyal, Palas and Senas left for us.

The sore eye lashes blink again
as through the years gone by
but it’s different, a glint of fury
he joy of finding that which was lost…
In carnage and gore, I fear is back.

This question has to be understood and adopted. It is absolutely not my lone decision, but a decision that the wise men of Tibet, Kamrup, Bengal, Pataliputra and Burmese of the times of yore have made percolate through our lifestyle, but which we have forgotten.


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