15th Children’s Science Congress, 2007

The zonal level of NCSC 2007 was held at Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Ashok Vihar wherein the judges were:

  • Mrs. Madhuphull
  • Mr. Soumya Dutta 

There were some 12-13 teams qualifying with 6 teams to be selected (otherwise, earlier 8; people didn’t turn up). We had the usual draw for the presentation number and it came out to be 8. The other team of Montfort (junior) had 6. They had a jolty run, especially in the viva round of theirs. Just imagine a team leader answering to the query of the validity of one’s product with a

“Sir, I can consume it in front of you and show that it works.”

 statement, but Alankrit Kharbanda, leader of the junior group answered it that way. Our mistakes were:

  • the measurement by scale cannot go down to 4 decimal places; we justified that we had taken out he average of 4 samples.
  • the presence of the log book.
  • the new indigenous ways of devising activity level.

The other team had no genuine project although they were a hardworking, sincere and  aspiring bunch of students:

  1. Aditya Salapaka
  2. Alankrit Kharbanda
  3. Shikhar Gautam
  4. Mayank Sharma

That was their problem, alongwith a few flaws in the presentaton I would not comment on. They ha taken out survey on food nutrition in science with a basis of vegetarianism and non-vegetarinism! But they always have the scope to improve.

In the zonal level of Zones X, XI, XII, the teams to qualify were (as Giri Bhardwaj sir said):

There are six team passing through…I am not happy with the government school…but the first team to qualify is …., Rohini (don’t remember the name).”

It was the most surprising that the quota of 2 government schools was neglected and only one went through. Next:

There are five public schools to qualify…The first school to qualify is Sachdeva Public School…It is the fist time they are participating…Next is Mountford Public School (queries: which one?)…both, both the teams”

 Cheers went up in the Montfort bloc, neglecting Mr. Bhardwaj’s mistake (imagine: Mountford Publc School). The other teams were

  •  Maharaja Agarsain Model School, Pitampura
  • Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Ashok Vihar

“Contact the judges before leaving…”

Later I found out that we (67 points) were one of the two best teams, the other being Sachdeva Public school (72 points). The other Montfortian taem (junior) got 45 points (had a tough time going). But we all sailed through.

The next level is the Central level scheduled to be organized on the 3rd November, 2007 at Science Center, Pitampura.

 Best of luck to all other fellow participating teams.

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