Central Level: Not an easy strait

The central level of NCSC 2007 was held at Maharaja Agarsain Model School, Pitampura wherein the judges were:

  • Mrs. Madhuphull
  • Mr. Soumya Dutta 

There were some 14 teams present with 8 teams to be selected. We had the usual draw for the presentation number and it came out to be 1!. I was almost killed by my group members. The other team of Montfort (junior) had 3. Aditya presented well, but Alankrit was contradicting his own cause by mismanaging and misjudgung the questions volleyed at them. 

Our mistakes were:

  • Local relevance 
  • Charts
  • History of the (Hooghalen) disease

Montfort (junior) still had a survey on food nutrition in science with a basis of vegetarianism and non-vegetarinism! But they always have the scope to improve.

The teams to qualify were:

Only junior group to qualify…Montfort school (junior).

It was the most surprising that 3 government schools were selected

There are seven senior groups to qualify…Three are government schools…and there are 4 public school…Firstly, Maharaja Agarsain Model School, Pitampura…Next, Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Ashok Vihar…Then, Sachdeva Public School…”

There was total silence with me staring hard at Bhardwaj sir. He even committed with a smile which gave the secret away:

“Somebody’s is looking at me, waiting. The last school is…Montfort school (senior)…”

Cheers were such that any sane man would have run out of the auditorium.

Later we found out that we were the best team of the centre, by God’s holy grace. Next in line was Sachdeva (really influenced by their presentation). I, as the group leader, got a medal too for the first time at a central level! We have a lot to do in 2 days before the state level in

Venue: Kendriya Vidyalaya, A Block, Janakpuri

Date: 5th November, 2007

Some interesting facts:

  • I had been a fool in the sense that I had sweat a lot just and just because I had my flannel, wool and synthetic layered jacket on in a hall where forget of the ACs (though there were half a dozen of them) the fans did not work well. Although I was confident people felt that I was ‘extremely’ nervous!
  • Aditya made a mistake in reading from the script he had carried. Otherwise the marks he earned were dissolved into oblivion by Mr. Kharbanda’s answers.
  • I met quite a few people I knew: Firstly, Sandeepan Banerjee sir, whom I know and who is currently holding an important post at the network. Secondly, Mrs. Goendi, guide-in-charge of Maharaja Agarsain Model School, who was quite angry with Alankrit and Aditya because in the interaction session after her school’s presentation (who had already been criticised a lot by the judges), had said: “They have used 6 aides…” bluntly, and a few other queries which could have completely derailed her groups’s winning streak, if the judges would have heard it.
  • The next level will get over at between 7:00-8:00 p.m.! True boredom and a waste of time although the patience will be fruitful.

We hope to go through to the nationals. As humans, we can hope and hope until God, by his grace, makes it a reality. Thus, I wish to Him earnestly to let us swim through, although I know of the tough competition (even 0.1 will make a difference); I have to be confident in my good work.

Best of luck to all other fellow participating teams.

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