Our state at the ‘State’…

The state level of NCSC 2007 was held at Government Sarvodaya Kendriya Vidyalaya, Janakpuri wherein the judges were:

  • Mrs. Madhuphull
  • Mr. Soumya Dutta 
  • Mr. B.K. Tyagi
  • Mrs. Kinkini Dasgupta Misra
  • and two other unkown judges

There were some 32 teams present with 8 teams to be selected. We were told that the juniors should go to the biology lab “on the first floor” and the seniors were told to sit in the auditorium.  But ultimately ours and 4 other senior were sent to the other location because of confidential matters, not to be solicited. The judges in the auditorium were:

  • Dr. (Ms.) Madhuphull  
  • Ms. Kinkini Dasgupta Misra
  • Mr. B.K. Tyagi

The judges, in the Biology lab, i.e. our judges were:

  • Mr. Soumya Dutta 
  • and the other two judges

Our code came out to be No. 9, while the other team had No. 4. Aditya presented like a seasoned leader, and all praises to him. Earlier the same day, one of the senior NCSC authorities had called up Ma’am Nimmi and said that our project was ‘weak.’ Thus, we had a psychological dejection and went into the stateas ‘under-dogs.’

Montfort (junior) still had a survey on food nutrition in science with a basis of vegetarianism and non-vegetarinism! But they always have the scope to improve.


Firstly Mr. Sandeepan Banerjee got up and spoke some encouraging words and then distributed books (good stuff: like Madhav Gadgil publications!) for all participants. And then………….Ma’am Madhuphull got up and said

“All did well but according to the rules only few will get selected…there are 2 teams that will go for Indian Science Congress and also to the Nationals…there will be one from the junior category and one from the seniors…the first to be selected are St. Cecilia’s…and the next team to be selected is Maharaja Agrsen Public School, Ashok Vihar…The other teams to be selected are Montfort School (Seniors)…Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Pitampura… (1 government school)…Montfort School (junior)…another government school…”

It was the most surprising that we weren’t selected in the ‘coveted two.’ And the the most sickening part  was Ma’am Madhuphull’s proclamation

“A person who has once gone for the nationals cannot go again…send someone ese…”

I was quite sure that this directed at me, but age favours me as the age 14 does. 1 year in the past or future could have commenced my aspirations for a trip to Baramati.   

Some interesting facts:

  • At the start AK and MS had started a bout most embarrasing for the Montfortian institution and its ideals of disciplinarianism.
  • It was most surprising that the first two levels having been done in respectable schools, the state was done in a school having biology labs that were no even conditioned to be a normal class.
  • Aditya made a mistake in reading from the script he had carried. Otherwise the marks he earned were dissolved into oblivion by Mr. Kharbanda’s answers.

A post project hypothesis- The Coveted Two: Chance or reasoning?

We did not come qualify for the Indian Science Congress (Naman was dejected) but according to a hypothsis it is either because

1. We did not get the required marks needed.                                                                    

2. The question I had asked to Maharaja Agrasain School although had not answered properly had been taken as satisfactory. I questioned twice,

Firstly to Sachdeva Public School, a pain in the neck-

“I would like to question the feasablity of your products, the ones you have made…don’t you think people in posh areas like Vasant Kinj would not adopt them because of their odour…you are living in an urban area…so?…and also the shelf life of your products…”

Their project was on vermi compost, vegetable manure, compost, mulch and all the damn old things researched on hundreds of times and in the same manner as the Sachdeva kids did. I had also sent Shikhar to question Maharaja Agrasain Public School people:

“You know some birds have attraction…affinity to certain plants…like the hummingbird has towards orchids…so wouldn’t the concentration of droppings hinder the plant growth or something…?”

But he didn’t cross question thus making the judges feel that the answer was satisfactory.

3. The problem of making people feel that allowing two teams of Montfort qualify and one to go for the Indian Science Congress was present. Thus, if the Montfort (junior) hadn’t qualified, we could have gone through.

4. Only if there would have been no quota system (protests on reservation should be restarted). 

Venue of nationals: Baramati, Maharashtra (birth place of Nathuram Godse and constituency of Sharad Pawar)

Dates: 27th – 31st of December, 2007

Thus Adtya and I are going to Maharashtra in late December. Wish us best of luck.

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