EXUN 2007; Courtesy: Pavna?




With a predecessor event year sponsored by Hwlett Packard, is this what Exun has fallen to? Surely a marketing interest manipulation, its known if Exun is benefitted but Pavna surely has got an expanse of a platform for advertising with its catchy graffiti of giving PCs to overall winners.

 As far as the events are concerned, these are the schedules and rules and regulation for Exun 2K7.

Day 1:

Points Tally: DPS, VK- 30; Apeejay, Noida- 27 and Montfort- 24

I got out to the GD, crossword, JQ and SQ. Good exposure. Won the GD subsiding the Great Quizzard and the LuminaR in the prelims and South Delhi Public School, DPS Dwarka, Father Agnel’s and Mata Jai Kaur among few others in the finals.

Topics (Prelims): Men have become tools of their tools

(Finals): Wikipedia-Scope or quality; Privacy is dead; Censorship on the internet

Good that Montfort goes into Day 2 with JQ, SQ qualifications and an event title behind its back. Unfortunately, lost Swat the bug and Surprise Events.

Exun is lost to us once more. And that too when we have events like quizzing, programming and gaming. In the junior quiz we were hammered hard and it was just a lop- sided competition between DPS, Dwarka, Apeejay Noida and DPS, Vasant Kunj, although there were lollipops which did not come to us. Nest up were the gaming and programming events, we lost. And the senior quiz was lost by two points to Mount Carmel (20:22) and also because there were two rounds held less than scheduled.

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