TCS IT Wiz 2007, Delhi

I knew not how we’ll win when entered an auditorium packed with over 1000 people and about 500 teams, and we knew not that we could have lost with people like Vansh Mutreja and Raghav Khullar around. We had a good prelims by answering 75-80% of the answers and we were selected in the top 6 or the finals. And then it was utterly bombastic…until the third round called the ‘@TCS‘ round where in they had all sorts of questions from their website which we had not prepared well.

Thus we lost out on points. We made a few late answers, and the wretched team by team passing cost us points or else we would have thrashed the others (Modern School had 0; DPS Faridabad had 10; Montfort School had 25; Apeejay Noida 40; Cambridge had 41 and DPS RK had 50) considering we lost out on two 15 mark questions we later recalled and a lesser mark question. But the prizes were

  • TCS Consultancy Bag 
  • Mouse pad cum USB port
  • Fasttrax Titan watch
  • Multiple purpose Headphones
  • ‘Benaras-the city revealed’ coffee table book
  • CD Case (good quality, man)

And next time we will be going home with the laurels for the winners…that is a convictions to bind us and not a threat or pledge…hope for the best with God’s blessing.


2 thoughts on “TCS IT Wiz 2007, Delhi

  1. hey…almost the exact thing happened to me in the kolkata round..we came 2nd….we hope to win this year…all the best to u to..cheers

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