Dynamix 2K7: Ramjas School, RKP

Venue: Ramjas School, Sector-4, Ramakrishna Puram

Date: 26th and 27th of November, 2007

 The Dynamix 2007 was held in great earnest by the Ramjasites and it turned out quite good. The GD, wherein I participated, was fairly nice. It was at around 9:30 that the events started (on time; otherwise rarely seen). They had a good video to start with. The teams I knew were: DPS VK, DPS RKP, St. Columba’s, MIS, Mount Carmel and Ramjas School PR. The judge was a joint secretary of the Informatics Department of an extension of the Government of India. He was well versed with the pros and cons of the GD so well that you actually couldn’t ‘bluff’.

Day 1


Intel Lab

Chip Lab


Multi Purpose Room


Registration and Inauguration



Creative Event


Quiz Prelims

GD Prelims



Crossword Prelims





GD Finals



The topic for my GD prelim batch (I) was: Censorship on the internet.

I spoke a lot about blogs and flagging on the basis of a variey of issues. There were tough competitors: DPS RKP, MIS, St. Columba’s, Mount Carmel. The MIS guy started the GD and then it was no turning back for the next 45 minutes. We were given numbers (I got Team no. 5; MIS- 1, a girl from…-2; St. Columba’s-3; DPS RKP-4; Mount Carmel-6) I had a good GD and was happy with myself. Next up was Batch (II), the batch of the Great Quizzard@42 with only two other competitiors, one being from Ramjas, Pusa Road. The LuminaR had asked me to be a participant of the second batch and I complied. Five of us (considering DPS RKP who sportingly went up too) had a great GD on


We discussed for quite a while and GQ started bringing up stuff that was drifting away from the topic. Thus, Prashant changed the topic to

“Censorship in Games”

We had a good ranting about the Virignia massacre and gaming restrictions, and the DPS RKP guy even questioned the necessity of selling such games (say that to Atari, Nintendo and GQ for his ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and everything within- 42)!  Finally the results were declared

Group Discussion Qualifiers

Teams from Batch (I) are:

Team 1: Mothers International School
Team 3: St. Columba’s School

Team 4: Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram

Team 5: Montfort School

And from Batch (II)- Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj. They told us to have our refreshments within 15 minutes and return. The finals topic was: Internet Governance or e-governance.

They were indicating towards the lack of any agency as an authority for the same and its prospectus if formed. I got out to points directly and went on with prioritization accoring to classification as I was against the topic. Then I spoke of Turkey’s case example. It was a long winding discussion. I later found out that the points like the social necessity like the usage of ATMs for even RS. 100 withdrawal seemed more feasable, and also of the export-software shares (1.8%), all of which I knew but didn’t introduce in the discussion.  My folly cost me a first position and give gift it away to AnkurB. Anyway, it was good exposure. Hope for the best in the future.

Group Discussion Winners

1st – Ankur Banerjee (DPS VK)
2nd – Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar (Montfort School)
3rd – Sagnik (MIS)

I will not be there for any event tomorrow. So best of luck, Converge Clan and win it big.


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