Access 2007: Good deal done…

BNB Logo It had been good that day as I was officially made a Converge Clan competition in-charge. Not a big deal? Then get this right- I had to go for the following 4 competitions in 48 hours against 54 teams or 1000+ students:

1. Story Writing- The worst thing that could have happened with Alankrit buzzing into the room twice every 2 minutes twice,” Mrittunjoy, we are getting late…come on, man…” The Epilogue was on some vague boffin yankee who saves his faculty every a flaw occurs and this time its a neural chip-unit network disorder. I wrote a lot about Simple DB and Amazon, and it must have been so technical that it may not have percolated into the nuts of the Bits N Bytes members.

2. Junior Programming- I had a  good time in the prelims with Mr. Kharbanda helping me out in quite a few questions. The finals were tough with Matrix questions and our rigid mindset of strictly operating on VB and not C++. But ultimately we turned to C++and tried a question in the last 10 minutes after wasting 1.05 hours. Bagging 2nd position is good for a not-so-seasoned-a-programmer.

3. Junior Quiz- I had planned a lot and plans don’t work always. I had planned of derailing the junior quiz finals with maximum number of questions answered but fate wasn’t happy that day. I went off with Viplov Maheshwari, a gamer, and got 3-4 questions of the weakest point of mine i.e. Gaming! And we did not qualify even or else we could have won some positions with the types of  finalists got.

4. Group Discussion- This was my actual event in which I failed to recover from the start. The elimination round was that of  elocution on any one of the topics out of:

a. If our parents had Orkut…

b. Where should the Silicon Valley be established in India…?   

c.  Viruses…..

I took the third one and put in almost two  dozen load of info on latest tech news and the judge couldn’t make head or foot of it. And he wanted the same old kindrgarten- “Good Morning…Honourable Judges, respected teachers and my dear friend…” Didn’t qualify. Manil Grover of JKPS won the event.

Access truly turned out to be the most disliked event of the year with many avoiding going into the ‘bias well’.


One thought on “Access 2007: Good deal done…

  1. Well, I guess… the judges were looking for layman language while yours went over their heads (your tone was VERY serious while they were looking for some cool light stuff..)..

    Good luck, you still have 3 years…

    n yeah my name is manEEl

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