Chiaroscuro Zeitgeist

A Treatise of Ideas on the State of Democracy

By Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar

‘Polar’ is a most conspicuous term: be it in the simple linguistic form of being associated with poles or being associated with Argand Planes and Dipolar Functions in Arithmetic and the Natural Sciences (being a Physics-undergrad, I often fail to prevent those boffin-istic idioms falling onto parchment!). Since the times of the Pharoahs – be it the Amun – Aten religious conflict in Nefertiti’s reign or the paranormal glimpses of Bertrand Dortmund regarding the Sphinx’ origins in the age of Alexandria — the words ‘polarization’, ‘polarize(d)’, ‘polar’ and ‘dipolar’, in their contextual Cueniform or Heiroglyphic form (no kudos for wondering what would have been the pictograms depicting these terms!), has always been associated with contrasting social, economic, political and ideological postures, mainly on a societal scale. The title for this blog-post may have given the game away…

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