Multiferroics, Magneto-Electric Effect and Raman Spectroscopy: First Accepted Research Paper!

Finally the awaited result of the peer review for a paper I had written on my summer work at USIC Lab, DU under Dr. K. Sreenivas and submitted for publication in the International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research was shared with me by the Editor (IJSER)….and…IT HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! They say, it is ‘in press’ for the November IJSER (Volume 3, Issue 11) journal.

So, am jubilant. But do not expect me to justify this selection…I will either end up glorifying myself with a biased account or put up a forced show of humility most probably…!

So…the title of the paper is:

Analysis of Stress-Coupled Magneto-Electric Effect in BaTiO3-CoFe2O4 Composites using Raman Spectroscopy

For now, that’s about it! Do read the paper (if not for the words, do go through the paper for some colorful graphs Snigdh calls ‘Picasso’s pieces’; though there’s not a trace of Cubism in them!). Will put up the link soon after it is published…the print copy is pretty expensive (70 Dollars per copy)…so cannot assure you one of those…!

Pray that it comes out well. Thanks.



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