A Memorable Day: 18 October 2012:

OK….so the day’s special due to a few reasons:

1.  FINALLY (and you can probably sense the ‘humphh!’ of relief with that), the INSPIRE Scholarship is more than just a name….the first installment finally figures as an amount in my account. Got the news (thanks to SBI Mobile Notifications -not an advertisement ploy!- during our μC Lab, after returning from the IRC (C++ Lab) having heard a rather bored Lokesh sing some retro-Hindi songs!!)…going for the figures: that’d be roughly 10 months since the list was out. But as they say, all’s well that ends well.

2. The monikers are up..(!)…i.e. the paper’s up on the IJSER website, though the actual text and the print copy will take some time. Got this news in the IRC (now don’t blame me for checking this while I should’ve been on CodeBlocks, trying to wrap up things at C/C++ (with Lokesh crooning away) for the semester)…and as I say ” ‘Pride’ looks fine only when it has something to do with manes and Gir!” …only sharing the news…no subtle meanings involved, please.

3. Had the first CR-Teacher’s meeting of the year, today in JC sir’s room…had Jacob Sir, Harish Sir, Sanjay Sir, Jerry and Miriam (IIIrd Physics), Cathrine and me (IInd Physics), and the two new members of the council for this year – Arshia and Abhimanyu for Ist Physics. Eventful, with a lot of guffaws (some may gather whom I am referring to) and cheese sandwiches with chai…things like sci-lib and lab-laments were discussed. Good meeting, all in all.

4. Finally got to do something for Rajiv’s play: Loving Memories Of…albeit at a technical level, handling the audio and music and all…this is after I had to leave the play (which I still feel disappointed about), due to pressing issues at hand: DU Inn. Project, et al…the productions coming out fine. Hope it is a success.


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