8085 Pin-Out Note

Something I came up with this for the 8085 Pin-Out… make little sense but somehow helped me!!

X1-Men, X2-Men, elite divisions of the X-Men had to RESET the division-system to move OUT, oblivious that the evil brothers SOD and SID had laid a TRAP for them. Weirdly, SOD begun his countdown, not “T MINUS blah blah” but “RST 7.5RST 6.5RST 5.5…” in decimals!! “INTRupt…INTerrupt Acknolwedge” said the autocratic SID.

CUT!! Commercial break. Now AD0, AD1, …. God! … AD7. GROUNDed Capitalists?!

I never was a communist.

Oh…gone are the days, for Right – Wing persons like me, of Video Compact Cassette (VCC) Players…when we would go over and over the speech on Ultra-Nationalism…! “HOLD the thought…HoLD Acknowledged…” was the catchphrase in those speeches against liberalization and what not. And then there was the way the journalist used to CLocK OUT. RESETting IN those days, for rebels like me, to be a part of society, was like being READY for some big-time change…Anarchist that I have always been!! For instance, I still remember the 1918 strike in Isle of Man (IO/M!). And then there was all about the two S’s (Ha ha…!): S11-Minute Soirees on socialism and, having ReaD about and WRitten articles on it (unlike John, who with his ALE and cigarettes, couldn’t but write a word…a different story for later though), S0 – Syndicalism. Why all my neighbors from ADDRESSes 8 to 15 (and that is saying something) could tell you that !!


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