General Elections Poll Analysis: February 2013

General Elections Intro

And now for the first analysis of the results of the GE’14 polls we had on MjGM’s CZardom. There have been people visiting the site and sharing their opinions on the various issues raised, regarding the General Elections. The sample has been of roughly 20-30 people presently, which is not too bad to start off with. I will be analyzing the results every few months to get a clearer picture of the popular perception and to observe the changes in the perspective of the Indian masses with time, until GE’14 (maybe GE’13).

Note: Given the fairly less sample-space, I would like to highlight the fact that these results may not show the nuances of Indian politics in its entirety and with a high level of accuracy. However, with time and increasing sample space, we will hopefully have a better picture, more appropriately mirroring reality, in the run-up to the national polls.

GE 2014 General Elections 2 General Elections 3 General Elections 4


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