Rajnath Singh on Quantum Mechanics!

Interesting view of Rajnath Singh on the Vedic roots of Quantum Mechanics, besides other points raised!



…Friends, I have been a student of physics so I want to draw your attention towards the experiment taking place in Fundamental Physics. We all know that from mobile to internet and TV all function on the basis of digital signals. It was possible to make digital signals when Quantum Mechanics was discovered hundred years back. The principle through which Quantum Mechanics was found was ‘Uncertainty Principle’ propounded by Werner Heisenberg, if Heisenber had not propounded Uncertainty Principle then Quantum Mechanics would not have come. And Digital Signal and communication of this age could not have come to this stage.

Heisenberg learnt the Uncertainty Principle from the philosophy of Veda of this country. Heisenberg came to India in 1929 and met Rabindra Nath Tagore. In this meeting he discussed with Tagore different topics related to Vedic philosophy and theoretical physics. Assistant of Heisenberg and Austrian scientist Fritjof Capra has himself written in his book ‘Uncommon Wisdom’ on page no 42-43, “In 1929 Heisenberg spent sometime in India as the guest of celebrated Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, with whom he had long conversations about science and Indian philosophy. This introduction of Indian science brought Heisenberg great vision, he told me. He began to see that the recognition of relativity, interconnectedness, and impermanence as fundamental aspects of physical reality, which had been so difficult for himself and his fellow physicists, was the very basis of the Indian spiritual traditions. ‘After these conversations with Tagore’, he said, ‘some of the ideas that had seemed so crazy suddenly made more sense. That was a great help for me.”

And last year in July in the CERN laboratory of Europe God particle was discovered, the scientific name of which is Higgs Boson. It has been considered to be the biggest scientific discovery of the 21st century. And it is being said that this discovery may bring biggest change in human life in the 21st century. The basis of the discovery of this particle had been established 70-80 years back by taking inspiration from a similar principle by the great scientist of India Satyendra Nath Bose. The word ‘Boson’ in the name of this particle is taken from the name of Satyendra Nath Bose. It is said about SN Bose that he always used to be in the state of meditation and used to solve the scientific problems with alacrity. Famous scientist Neil Bohr had also accepted this capacity of Bose…

I don’t quite see how the 1927 paper of Heisenberg could have been due to a conversation b/w Heisenberg and Tagore in 1929. Secondly, Bose may have brought to the fore ideas about the Bosons but Peter Higgs undoubtedly was the single biggest contributor to the idea of the Higg’s Boson in the Standard Model. May have to read a little more about the former point though, even though I believe we can refute the idea about that particular conversation having a massive influence on Heisenberg’s scientific works.


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