Populism vs. Political Pragmatism In AAP Ki Delhi


Aam Aadmi Party has formed the state government in the national capital, albeit with the support of a party that Kejriwal described as: ‘Congress, as a party, is a corrupt party’!Convenience, circumstances or conviction, whatever it may be, we have the youngest Chief Minister of Delhi. And one simply cannot flinch away from praising the party for its sincerity and commitment to fulfilling some of the promises the party made in its manifesto(s). Within 48 hours of taking over the reins of the state at the Ram Lila Maidan, Kejriwal set down to the task of changing ‘the system completely’, firstly by making good his promise of free supply of 700 litres of water to Delhi households daily. Let’s not bicker over the numbers (667 litres it will be), but evidently this man was not going to sit back and enjoy the ride, as he claimed the other parties are used to doing, in various ways (he went on to say, on quite a few occasions, that corruption was the sole agenda of the Congress and the BJP!). However, let’s just retreat for a moment from the benevolent shower of populist measures and analyze their constitution, as responsible members of this society.

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