Hollow Hooahs of the Indian Sentinels?

indian army

Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi put in his papers on 26 February 2014. This came close on the heels of a major mishap on INS Sindhuratna, one of the significant few submarines involved in accidents over the past 12 months. Although naval ships such as the INS Konkan had faced similar or worse accidents in the recent past, Admiral Joshi took the moral responsibility for the incident, which led to the death of two officers – Lt. Commander Kapish Muwal and Lt. Commander Manoranjan Kumar. He resigned fifteen months before the end of his tenure at the helm of the Indian navy. Given the manner in which the episode unfolded and thereafter the Government conveniently accepted the highly decorated Naval chief’s resignation, one has to ponder over some pertinent questions that have arisen after the episode. Who is responsible for these incidents? Are we capable enough to defend our sovereignty with the present state of our armed forces? Do we lack clarity in policy-making and sufficient budget allotment for Defence in India? 


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