Poetic Majesty: Brahmaputra

Brahmaputra Waters


‘Poetic Majesty’ truly describes the only ‘Nad‘, the male river, as they say, among the ‘Nadis’ of India: the Brahmaputra, which courses its ways through Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangladesh. I have always found watching its calm surface becalming. What often does not seem apparent are the powerful eddies a few inches below its calm surface; the perfect veneer for the potency of the flow. Standing on one side of the river at places, and looking there yonder, it may almost seem like one has reached the proverbial end of the world! The width of the Brahmaputra course near Dibrugarh is nearly 10 km.!  It is more than a river in more ways than one. It represents an entire people, a collective psyche and a way of life. The other day, I was having a discussion with Mahasweta, a close friend, and I mentioned how, unconsciously, I may have actually tried to emulate these characteristics of the river and connected fairly well with people who had this trait of being composed and yet driven and passionate about life within. Given the sorry state of sections of the Brahmaputra, I believe the Union government should take up conservation practices more seriously. Also, work on projects like the Bogibeel Bridge should be completed at the earliest, given the utter indifference of those in power, aptly highlighted by this Tehelka article, so that the communities living on the river gain from the river in more ways than one, thereby increasing its relevance. Not that the Brahmaputra needs added relevance, but my Assamese pride probably pushes me to seek for enhancing aspects related to the river.

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