Peregrination through Trinity (College)

I have been here in Cambridge for a little over a month now, and have hardly got the time to blog, given a hectic but interesting schedule. So, we have this MCR event called the Superhall coming up, and the theme is ‘The Great Gatsby’. Since I did not have a bow-tie with me, and there are only a few days till 21st, I was unsure of how to go about with it. And friendly as ever, Krishna Sharma (a good friend, studying Chemistry in Cambridge) offered to lend me his, when I sought to know if he had one.

So, at around 8.20 walked down to the corner near St. John’s College, and waited for a while. The night was a nippy winter one, and I wrapped my jacket closer to myself, as I waited. And within a short while, Krishna came by, and gave me the bow-tie. He offered me a small tour of his college, Trinity College. Since I had not been to any other college besides my own, Christ’s College, I felt it would do no harm to go to one, for a change. And it was worth it, both for photography (Ha ha) and for me as a student of science. Krishna told me he had won a recent MCR election, trouncing two others (good stuff!). Talking all the while, we walked down, past St. John’s College and walked into the gate, which I had previously mistaken as that of St. John’s. He took me to the chapel initially, where one is greeted at the entrance by massive statues of the likes of Newton and Tennyson.









In the main chapel, there was a choir group practising, and one was not allowed beyond a point. So, Krishna took me through a side-path to this interesting headless statue. We read a little about him and moved on to the main chapel, where the choir was still practicing.





Thereafter, we walked across the Great Court, the largest enclosed court in Europe. Unfortunately, it was the night-time and so no photography would have given good shots, especially with my Lumia camera. We moved on to the Dining room. Did not enter. We walked across the Great Court again, talking of which college Hawking was from (graduate from Trinity Hall; fellow at Gonville and Caius College). Krishna then showed me the college bar, the BA Society room (basically the MCR room) and Neville’s Court (Newton is said to have conducted an experiment to time echoes and determine the speed of sound for the first time in the north cloister).


That was about it. Having taken my college (which has been most supportive) as the first choice in recent applications, I mentioned to Krishna that it was a tough one between Trinity and  St. John’s for the second, but went for the latter, since there was this rule that anyone who had matriculated in any other college could not give his college as a preference, according to an official in Trinity I had contacted. He said he knew people who had done this, and this was surely not the case. However, given the rich legacy of Charles Darwin and the dynamic academic environment at Christ’s College, I hope it never comes to the second choice! Ha ha! After a brief chat about life, work, the Cambridge Trust and places around that we could explore, we called it a night.

A good start to exploring some of the colleges at Cambridge!

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