The Hidden Garden

Had a rather interesting incident today.


While coming back from my department after the submission of my project file, I came upon this area near the University Library which I have seen on a number of occasions. There is a closed-gate garden right opposite the Library. It lies on the route I take each day to walk to my department.
Today, I was walking back in a fairly cheerful mood, with the good summer sunshine and the pink blossom right overhead letting a petal or two into the wind every once in a while. Near the entrance to this garden, I saw a guy moving towards it. He walked in with the University card-access. I assumed that all University cards open access and walked in before the gate had closed for his access-instance!
It was beautiful inside.
There was a trail going down to the left, with long stalks with white flowers on them, on the two sides of the path. A little further ahead in the front and then to the left from the gate was an open area and a single bench. There were flowers, purple and white and blue, everywhichway, skirting the green center. An architecturally and aesthetically well-built institution building lay in the vicinity. The trees drooped down in wide arches and some stood solitary over the flower-beds. The sun shone in its full glory. A glorious sight, to surmise it all.
And then came the catch. Having looked around and clicked a few photos, I tried moving out. And of course I found that I was unable to. I was trapped. Trapped in a forbidden, hidden garden. Ha ha. Apparently only members of the institution were allowed to enter the garden. I decided to wait. Surely there was going to be someone who would waltz along, and so waited in the green space. One could not be sure though as to how long it would take before a person actually would walk by, since it was around noon and the path was fairly desolate.
Soon a person did enter, albeit not quite ‘waltzing’ in. A respectable, elderly university member (probably a professor) with books on both hands entered. I walked up and narrated the whole incident, keeping a light tone and smiling. He listened and was quite amused. He went with me and let me out. I thanked him and walked out into the road towards the Cam.
That’s why they say, forbidden fruits (or gardens, in this case) are best left alone!

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