It is the time of the year when brooms (supposedly) swish past curtained windows and the toothy grins of pumpkins welcome curious eyes.

It is Halloween!

It’s all about zombie-zoned musings and zilched spookiness. And what could be better than to express all this and a lot more using certain cool gadgets and gizmos. Not that quantum entanglement is not ‘spooky’ but we may just have to wait a while before we can possibly teleport carved pumpkins over to our friends in the next city!

DIY Spirit Radio

The first one’s from one of the greatest Physicists of the past: Nikola Tesla, and it is called the ‘Spirit Radio’.  It is basically a crystal radio circuit connected to a computer sound-in jack, which generates bizarre sounds from various electromagnetic sources.


In 1901, Tesla wrote about the device saying:

“My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night.”


The version of the radio which is in the market currently (orders here) has a basic L-C (Inductor-Capacitor) circuit uses a similar schematic to what Tesla experimented with in his days. The versatile 1N34A crystal germanium diode used here substitutes for the tricky rotating nickel detectors and sensitive relays used by Tesla in the late 1800’s.

If one were to think about it, on a calm, ‘ghost-less’ night, the radio would be pretty harmless.

Took your sting away, did I, Mr. Tesla?

Screaming doormat

This one is quite ingenuous. Come trick or treating at someone’s doorstep and you get quite a shocker! It makes screaming and thunder sounds, and phrases such as “Enter At Your Own Risk!” and “Welcome to the Haunted House!”


Uses a pressure sensor, electronics and sound emitters. You can go for one this Halloween here.

The Exorcist Bed

Who hasn’t seen a person floating over a bed in horror flicks! Well, this one brings pneumatics and ‘possession’ in one perfect product. The bed even thrashes around wildly to enhance the effect of the supposed ‘possession’.


It seems to have been recently discontinued as a product in the market, but when it was around, it went for a whopping $3999. Happy sleeping!

The 3D Zombifier App

And of course, the app that many of you may know about. Zombiebooth gives you an opportunity to show a user how he/she would look if they were to be infected and turned into a zombie, using a series of 3D and animated features. It is free for iOS and Android, and Zombiebooth 2 has also been recently released.

Pictures not added due to graphic content. 😀

So, this one’s to you all for having an interesting Halloween!

Don’t forget about all the Hallowidgets that can just add to the mix in certain whacky ways.

Disclaimer: Thanks for reading the article. This article is only meant for light reading. I do not personally ‘endorse’ any of the products mentioned herein, or the distributors of the said products.

Picture Courtesy Antaka Nguyen, DeviantArt


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