Cambridge Times

Lately there have been certain interesting sights in Cambridge.

The Great Blue Heron

Walking to Cavendish Laboratory, I came across a massive Great Blue Heron, flying over West Cambridge, with its characteristic S-shaped neck. It was quite a sight and I remember asking my research group members about the identity of a large black bird, possibly an egret, flying in Cambridge (we spent some time chatting about it, huddled over my computer)!  Little did I know then that the blue of the Great Blue Heron can be quite dark and with the sunlight in the background, the contrast was all the more evident. It was an unusual, albeit beautiful sight. After all, who hasn’t read about the Great Blue Heron associated with Egyptian mythology and art motifs!

Flower Clumps

This was on my morning (power) walk to my department. Near the University Library, next to Grange Road, at a crossing, some flowers had grown. The interesting bit? The pattern they were arranged in, and the fact that this was the first time in an elderly lady’s life in Cambridge that she had seen them there. This lady and I stood there watching them, briefly chatting as well. The flowers were clumps of pink with yellow-pairs here and there. A charming sight.


Light under Water

Another interesting sight was of a light under the waters of Cam near the Cam-bridge near Trinity College. May have been a cycle-light or some such source. Nonetheless, in the quiet, winter-y night, in a stretch of the Cam that is usually dark (and often sloshing around due to the presence of certain aquatic beings), the light was a strange, albeit beguiling, element.


The Monotone Cat

Interesting cat that I came acrMonotone Catoss, somewhat like the one below, one day (15 February 2016) on my way back from my department. It meandered near the bushes by the road passing by the University Library complex, looked back (towards the direction I was coming from), before slipping into the nearest hedge soon
after. I thought of calling it the ‘Monotone Cat’.


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