Andha Yug

(This is a poem that I wrote on an autumn morning in September 2016. It is on the Age of Darkness that has seen the rise of terrorism, destruction of life, society and nature, besides the degeneration and deprivation in various sections of human society. I believe that it has to do a lot with the inability of people to ‘see’: a point I leave the reader to discern, understand and relish)

Like fish in muddy waters

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that eddie

with quick turns of fins,

Men meander

on broken trails,

aaaaaaaaaaaaa restless,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa insatiable

aaaaaaaaaaaa   since

with all the corals

aaaaaaaaaaa and gems

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and wonders,

Under weak, wavering

aaaaaaaaaaaa shafts of light,

the fish but see

what ripples let pass

of the sights above

all the muddiness.


With the Fall

aaaaaaaaaa of leaves,

‘fore the rustle,

aaaaaaaaaa the hustle,

the parting of waters,

when a Parashu*

falls on the trunk

aaaaaaaaaaaa of a tree,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa termite-ridden,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa longevous,

an Andha Yug** awakens.

Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar

(10 September 2016)

* Parashu – Axe

**Andha Yug refers to an Age of Darkness that does not facilitate the working of the faculty of Sight.


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