Miracles, Miracles?

Often times there are some things that are inexplicable and very (very, very) strange. Things we regard as miracles. As a student of Physics, besides certain counterintuitive ideas of the quantum world, causality is a defining property of physical occurrences. Or is it?

In my stay here in Cambridge, some extremely strange things have happened and I thought of describing them here. I will not be taking a stance on the possible reasons here, since what is magic realism if not a fantastic statement left inconclusive.

Eye, aye, Captain!

During my master’s year in Cambridgeshire, I had a gruelling nine months of coursework, projects and examinations. What one does in two years elsewhere for a master course was done in one at Cambridge University. But I got through, with a bit of perseverance and hard work. All this kind of went along the script, with all the associated curricular and extracurricular activities. What did not go along the script was the healing of my eye.

I had been wearing glasses since class 6. It had been eleven years and my power was around -1.5. For eight months I went around wearing my good old spectacles until the ninth month when I started having headaches and thought of seeing what happens if I remove my glasses. I did and voila! I could see perfectly fine. So fine that the optician whom I got an eye test from (twice, just to be sure!) was as stunned as I was and asked me what I had done to heal my eyes! As if I could give the expert some secret voodoo formula I had used. Ha ha. 
I have not worn glasses ever since. My YWAM (Youth With A Mission) friends mentioned that it could be the work of God and some mentioned that it could be some sports that made the difference. I even asked a few students who were working in this area, and received very unsure responses. Don’t know which (reason) it is, if any of these at all, but I will keep it at that for now.

Glove on the Fence

Another happening in Cambridge, this. I had lost one glove while walking to someplace one day. Most people in Cambridge bike and I have a cycle myself but I simple love walking. Have been walking to various places in and around Cambridge for two years now. Through rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. And in the winters, it can get pretty cold. So scarves and gloves are usually must-haves. In the winter of 2016, I had boughta very cool glove from Nike. It had various table/smartphone sensitive tip-sections, heat insulation systems and other jazz. And I lost one of the gloves somewhere one day. 

I was pretty saddened and angry at myself for being so careless. Days went by and I did get a cheaper glove from Ryder and Amies. I still did rue of that exotic Nike glove from time to time though. So much so, and if thoughts can truly become occurrences, it did appear all of a sudden, on a fence, perfectly perched, by the roadside. My beautiful little glove! Could have been a good Samaritan who put it there but I was lucky to be walking down that same path that (busy) time of the day on that (fairly busy) road! 
People Apparating at Will?

I do not know if Harry Potter had any spell to make people apparate at will, but reality can sometimes be stranger than fiction. There are times when one wishes to see a person or is thinking of a person, and dearly hopes that they appear right there and right then. Some may have had such occurrences, but for me these are just a bit too frequent! Atleast lately. And that too in crowded places and unlikely situations. 

It happened in 2015, when I met a friend (Malvika) whom I had not seen in ages, right about when I was thinking of her. That too at the almost-always-crowded Vishwavidyalaya metro station. What is the probability? One in some googols? Though the way we met was metaphorical itself and for later. This happened again for multiple friends who I met while or around when I was thinking of them.

Interestingly, this seems to have happened the other way too. A friend (Soho) seems to have wanted to meet me for quite some time and had been wondering about when we could meet. And it so happened that on a certain evening, we both ended up in the same joint (Itsu in Cambridge), with a friend each. And sat right across from each other. The way we met was strange too. I was working on a certain social project and had come to Itsu with Ms. Hriitu Rana, a good friend and an individual actively working in the social sector, for a pet project of ours called BRIDGE. And we thought of bringing some students on board. one of the first names I suggested was Soho’s and I found her sitting right across! Apparently she had also been wondering about me, as she later told me. And we met. Ha ha. 

This has also happened with things. I needed a fresh pair of socks before travelling once and did not have any left. Almost thought of buying a new one, since washing would take a while. But lo and behold! Found a brand new unused pair inside my cupboard. Another time, I needed a print of a document and it was vacation time. I went to the college library at Christ’s College, to find it empty mostly except for one guy. The college library seemed to be the only proper option though I did not know how to take the prints therein. The one guy was one whom I had never seen there. Matt (Baron). As if waiting to help me! And he was kind and gracious enough to help me take the print. A wee bit eerie. 


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