The Sith No One Knew Existed (S.N.O.K.E.)

Snoke has been a constant cause of curiosity ever since the current Star Wars sequel began with Episode VII. I have become increasingly drawn to the theory that Snoke is Darth Plagueis, the master of Palpatine, especially after recent releases of information. Let me put into words why I feel so.

Physical Attributes

Just look at him!

He has long fingers, is around eight feet tall and small ears. All characteristics of a Muun, the species of Darth Plagueis. However, he is more humanoid than a usual Muun but that could be because of a slight alteration in canon.

Why is he so scarred?

Darth Plagueis was mortally wounded (rumoured to be dead) after the attack by Darth Sidious using Force Lightning. He also had a breathing device which must have made things worse.

Riches and Luxury

Recently it was mentioned that Snoke is said to have golden and scarlet robes and a lavish chamber with guards. This, many mentioned, was against the Sith quest for power rather than money. It is here that Plagueis’ origins can give the answer. He was the scion of a powerful banking clan – The Damasks. He was very rich.

This would also explain how the First Order got funding for its pursuits with a major banking group helping it.

The Planet of ‘The Wise’

Recently it was also mentioned that Snoke comes from a planet that has a white surface, like snow and a scarlet underlying layer. This is close to how Mygeeto, the home planet of Plagueis is.

Kylo Ren mentions that his master is ‘wise’, an attribute that was eerily always attributed to Plagueis. Even though it is not a conclusive piece of evidence but it can well be an Easter Egg in Episode VII.

Knowledge and S.N.O.K.E.

All that Snoke tells Kylo Ren shows that not only is Snoke extremely knowledgeable and powerful, but also concerned with the weaknesses of a Sith (read: sentimentality and emotions). He believes in a way that is more centre-ground from the binary of Jedi-Sith: a pursuit and interest of Darth Plagueis till the very end of his days.

Recently it was also released that SNOKE is an acronym for A Sith No One Knew Existed, given to him by Leia. If the Rule of Two is to be considered, that is only possible in two scenarios: firstly, an old Sith is back (read: Plagueis), or if a Sith Master kept a hidden apprentice (not the first time this would happen). I am tilted more to the former, though I will explore the latter in the Alternative Theory section.


If the leaked line (where Snoke tells Luke regarding how Anakin was his creation) is true, it plays right into this theory. Plagueis was obsessed with Midichlorians, just as his master Tenebrous (who was obsessed with Maxi-chlorians). He wanted to achieve immortality by wielding the power of the force. It is said in canon that possibly the Force retaliated with the creation of Anakin and Plagueis got to know about this eventually. This would also explain why he was so interested in a descendent of Anakin Skywalker in Ben Solo (Kylo Ren).

Alternative Theory

There are a fair few alternative theories that are possible:

  1. Plagueis had a secret Muun apprentice besides Sidious whom no one knew about. He lay in the shadows upon his masters death at the hand of Palpatine and waited for the opportune time to strike. He may also be Lord Hethrir, Vader’s apprentice, sent back by the Waru. That is why Luke says it is so much more than the Light and the Dark. The Waru brought the anti-Force with it. Remember?
  2. Snoke is someone else. An ancient Sith or Fallen Jedi: a theory I feel is likely, particularly since Sidious was trying to find the source of big dark-side power that he felt himself.

All will be clear in December!


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