Nubes Caeleste

Recently the NASA Juno space-project released a number of photographs that it had taken of Jupiter, the planet. These were pictures of Nubes Caeleste, ‘Celestial Clouds’ on the planet. For a planet usually regarded as the Giant Planet with the Big Red Eye, a raging storm on the surface of the planet, these pictures show a completely new side of Jupiter.


It seems to be a work of art, with one picture having a Van-Gogh cloud (see below); a jewel that, with the introduction of the cerulean shades in the hitherto largely red planet-scape, seems like a jaded Opal or Fire Agate.


When I first saw these pictures, I stepped back for a while (from my tasks) and kept viewing them for a few moments of inspiration and joy. Nature truly is so beautiful and that is what inspires physicists, in particular, and scientists, in general, to pursue its exploration, with an emphasis on the ideas of symmetry and beauty in the cosmos.

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