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Thank you for visiting my blog. So what’s with the name? Well, Chiaroscuro Zeitgeist refers to the whole ball-game of symmetry being the idea to enshrine. ‘Chiaroscuro’ is the play of light and shade, while ‘Zeitgeist’ is a prominent and defining spirit of a generation or age.

As a person, I like the idea of rationalizing and yet finding the magical (long live, Marquez) in the commonplace. I have had a fair few interests including music (have been into Hindustani classical music and am also a big-time Eminem, Timberlake, Jackson guy), quizzing (Trivia(L) X-Centricity), reading (stuff from Rushdie to Pamuk and Lessing), programming, poetry, photography and, well, blogging.  Not to forget, I play and follow basketball, cricket and chess (for the proverbial league-cliquesters, all for Chelsea, and Boston Celtics and their frustrating rebuild-mode).

To cap it off, the things I always believe in are that Change is the only constant and to Think big. Start small. Scale fast.




Orfik and the Computer Society, St. Stephen’s College:

In 2012, the Computer Society was in a state of flux. Members organized events but it did not have the robust dynamics of a widely followed or supported society. It was in 2013 that Abhinav Kumar became the president and let us, a bunch of his enthusiastic juniors (me, Aditya Shailaj, et al), take up the proverbial cudgels. We got a new logo and a new team. The  first tech group discussion in the College’s history was a major event for the society at the NSF that year, although the turnout was modest at best. Mudit Bhargava, presently a widely known app developer for Apple and Microsoft, judged it for two consecutive years. It was in 2014, when I got the opportunity to take the lead and a bunch of great juniors to put things into action, that we could thankfully put on one of the most widely followed events in recent years. And to back up this statement, I believe the counts for the Orfik Tech Hunt 2014 should say it all (31000+ hits in two days), with interested participants from as far as Romania. While Orfik 2013 was an individual event, Orfik 2014 was the preliminary round for a similarly followed, though a more selective event in the Techathlon. Today the society is in a good position to maintain a certain level of interest and competence under the present team comprising of Gagan, Arjoonn, Anurag, Ishan, Jeffrey, Sachu, et al. An important and colourful phase of my college life surely.

National Science Fest

Even though St. Stephen’s College was the best college in the country during my days as an undergraduate student, I will mince no words in saying that it had far lesser and relatively less-followed events for the science campus than for the humanities. The reason at that time? Well, plentiful but best kept aside for the moment. In 2012, Ashish (a Physics senior) put up a fairly organized front for the NSF and I remember helping in organizing the event know as Junkyard Wars with Animik (Ghosh) Da, Akhil, Shreya, Parichay, et al. It was an event that was received well (with teams from IIT-Delhi and NSUI being among the entrants) and was complemented by other interesting events such as Science Games but as Dr. Thampu so sweetly once said, given the minimal budget (and abhorrence for the insane cash-flow as seen in other colleges) it was a decent fest. It took a slight surge the next year (NSF 2013) with Ojasvi and a few of our seniors putting up good events such as Prototype Building Competition and Science Quiz. However, I believe it was in 2014 that with the help of a great team the NSF team put up one of the most widely followed versions of the event, with interest from national print circulations and media. Most importantly, we had fun (and a lot of ‘headbutting’ and banging) during the final year of my college. It is said to know that the event was discontinued, for some reason, the next year.

The IISER Days: Wilderness, QI and More


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