Being a Minority in Cambridge

We had a great discussion and a good turnout for the CAMbFIRE discussion-event on ‘Being a Minority in Cambridge’. We had a couple of double-minority students as guest speakers to give us perspective on intersectionality and the interplay of identities in the University space. It was pleasure moderating the event. The statement from the event […]

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Poetic Majesty: Brahmaputra

  ‘Poetic Majesty’ truly describes the only ‘Nad‘, the male river, as they say, among the ‘Nadis’ of India: the Brahmaputra, which courses its ways through Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangladesh. I have always found watching its calm surface becalming. What often does not seem apparent are the powerful eddies a few inches below its […]

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Potent Agents of Change

Promotional graphics can be potent agents for spreading awareness and urging people to take up certain issues that require their attention. I found a few interesting ones which makes one consider some of these relevant issues. Creative! I look forward to taking up some of these issues soon, besides writing on them.       Compilation, with some […]

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