The Fitzwilliam Museum is a colossal repository of treasured artifacts and just about everything from Chinese vases to Greek and Renaissance art, Knights’ armor to Egyptian sarcophagi.   Facade of the Museum Walking by, from Peterhouse, I actually stumbled upon this entrance with two stone lions lazily looking at any wayfarer. A few steps in […]

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The ‘Yale-Baby’ has a special connotation and I have the words ‘Yale’ inscribed on my room’s door key, but till recently I did not ever take the efforts to know what the word ‘Yale’ connotes. It was yesternight that Robin Lamboll, a good friend in College, told me that the goat-like mythical creatures on the […]

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Purana Qila Excavations

    Search for grey-ware pottery continues as one seeks to find any lost links to a civilization dating back to around 1000 BC! One has found artifacts from the Kushana and Saka periods, besides the remains of elements from the Rajput era in Delhi. It was a visual treat to watch the archaeologists at […]

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Qila Rai Pithora Ruins in 1850s-1860s

Given the relevance of Qila Rai Pithora and the few remaining artifacts from the Pre-Sultanate Rajput period in Delhi, the three photographs given below assume a special significance. As you may know, the Qutb Minar was built after Muhammad Ghori won the Second Battle of Tarain, having defeated Rai Pithora (Prithviraj Chauhan). The Minar is built on […]

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