The ‘Yale-Baby’ has a special connotation and I have the words ‘Yale’ inscribed on my room’s door key, but till recently I did not ever take the efforts to know what the word ‘Yale’ connotes. It was yesternight that Robin Lamboll, a good friend in College, told me that the goat-like mythical creatures on the […]

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Poetic Majesty: Brahmaputra

  ‘Poetic Majesty’ truly describes the only ‘Nad‘, the male river, as they say, among the ‘Nadis’ of India: the Brahmaputra, which courses its ways through Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangladesh. I have always found watching its calm surface becalming. What often does not seem apparent are the powerful eddies a few inches below its […]

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The Power of Symmetry

I have been a strong believer in the fact that symmetry is an inherent element of just about everything, often only unnoticed in dimensionally variant asymmetries that themselves comprise other symmetries around us. One may have had fun with ink-blot impressions on folded sheets of paper, often constituents of the Rorschach test, or found out […]

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