ब्रह्मनत्व: Reconciling Science and Spirituality

The divergence of science and spirituality arises from the point of transcendence from the empirical. While spirituality speaks of the Truth beyond – unchanging, imperishable and eternal, science deals with phenomena that are temporal, spatial and causative. Spirituality and religion have often been defined using anthropomorphism, particularly around ideas and realities in the human mind […]

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Cosmic Religious Feeling and Einstein’s Views on Religion

The following article by Albert Einstein appeared in the New York Times Magazine on November 9, 1930 pp 1-4. I like this article because it coherently presents Einstein’s views on religion, and how religion and science can complement each other through the concept of a ‘cosmic religious feeling’. A beautiful read. Everything that the human race has done […]

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The Power of Symmetry

I have been a strong believer in the fact that symmetry is an inherent element of just about everything, often only unnoticed in dimensionally variant asymmetries that themselves comprise other symmetries around us. One may have had fun with ink-blot impressions on folded sheets of paper, often constituents of the Rorschach test, or found out […]

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