‘Ghar Vapsi’

Having been detached from the Indian political scene lately, I got to know about the ‘Ghar Vapsi’ drive of certain fringe ‘Sangh Parivar’ groups recently. Unequivocally I’d say that it is a sad development and more so for anyone who believes in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita or has an inkling of belief in the […]

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The Fitzwilliam Museum is a colossal repository of treasured artifacts and just about everything from Chinese vases to Greek and Renaissance art, Knights’ armor to Egyptian sarcophagi.   Facade of the Museum Walking by, from Peterhouse, I actually stumbled upon this entrance with two stone lions lazily looking at any wayfarer. A few steps in […]

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Snippets: First Moments in Cambridge – Stranded at the City Centre!

After having taken my luggage at the Heathrow Airport, I ambled my way to the small cubicle of the National Express. The weather was nippy. A jovial woman and a (Punjabi) guy. The lady, probably looking at the urgency and availability of buses, took up the initiative and booked the ticket, and rushed me off with a “go quickly, darling” (had she […]

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The ‘Yale-Baby’ has a special connotation and I have the words ‘Yale’ inscribed on my room’s door key, but till recently I did not ever take the efforts to know what the word ‘Yale’ connotes. It was yesternight that Robin Lamboll, a good friend in College, told me that the goat-like mythical creatures on the […]

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Potala over Peking

Earlier today I read a small piece of news- the attack of the refugees of Little Tibet on the Chinese Embassy, New Delhi. A startling revelation, it was, as I always felt that the psychology of a refugee is to feel a recluse, secluse and unattended too. But they had increased vigour or was it […]

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