The Cow in the Water

Recently, sitting in the Graduate Cafe near the Cam in Cambridge, I came across a couple of interesting sights. A cow who had fallen into the river and was wading through trying to see how to get out (which it finally did, after calmly wading past the banks that were at a height that was […]

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While walking back from the Cambridge Railway station yesterday (1 May 2017), having renewed my National Railcard, I saw a most fascinating bird that I have seen previously on only a few occasions – the Jay. Largely brown, the (Eurasian) Jay has a patch of electric blue on its wings that stands out. A fairly […]

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‘The Restricted Section’

In Christ’s College, Cambridge, we have a ‘restricted section’ of sorts: the Old Library. It is usually kept off-limits to even members of the college but recently we had ‘The Theater of Plants’ exhibition during which access was given (it is usually during such exhibitions or talks that the library is opened). And what a trove […]

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There are some images, some representations that are very powerful, very poignant. Here I would like to present some that I came across recently. Here goes a bunch of Repoignance (Representations that embody Poignance). This photograph features Diego Frazão Torquato playing the violin on the funeral of his favorite teacher, John Evandro da Silva, the […]

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Dali Atomicus

In an age when Photoshop was not around, there came out a world-famous photograph of Salvador Dali that seems nigh impossible to have without graphic imaging! The Dali Atomicus (1948). The photograph is of Dali, suspended midair, along with a few cats and water! Photographer Philippe Halsman carried out the arduous job of clicking such a photograph […]

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