Praṇavārth: Brahman, Manifested

Praṇava (प्रणव) – ॐ holds a position of paramount importance in Dharma. It is the sacred sound that has become the primary spiritual symbol of Dharmic traditions, over millenia, having been chanted either independently or before a spiritual recitation in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also holds a special position for me, personally, having been […]

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विशिष्टविविधीकरण | Viśiṣṭvividhīkaran: The Principle of Qualified Diversification

The duality inherent in the Supreme Reality is idiosyncratic and paradoxical: it is contextual and yet transcendent. Advaita Vedanta speaks of the material realm as being illusory, and a manifestation of the Supreme Reality under the influence of Maya – a veil of illusion and ignorance. Seeing the disregard for the illusory (which still had […]

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Jñanagaman: The Turn of an Age

The Coronavirus has brought a spurt of death and destruction in its wake. Having come to the fore in Wuhan – China, it has been spreading at an alarming rate, having crossed 5,00,000 cases worldwide. While it has not caused anywhere close to the casualties that, say, the 1918 Influenza pandemic did (with around 50 […]

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Satyaniti and Swaraj

Society in the lands we know in modern times as India once was a society firmly placed on the twin-pillars of self-governance and voluntaryism [1-5]. Voluntaryism is a philosophy that posits that all forms of human association should be voluntary [6, 7]. A voluntaryst society is one where people live, socialise, transact and trade without […]

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Satyatva: Resonances across Religions and Rejection of Exclusivism

The Absolute Truth, both, exists and exists-not! Paradoxical as this statement is, this is the underlying contradiction that truly defines the Absolute Truth. This is because the Absolute Truth transcends the relative, the subjective, the worldly, to the extent of transcending polarities and dualities. Existence is defined as per attributes, be it in expansion in […]

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A Note to my Fringe Detractors

There is a famous saying: The envious die not once, but as oft as the envied win applause. Recently, after my interviews with Pgurus and the Infinity Foundation, apparently a group of insecure right wingers complained to them. Regarding how I had ‘duped’ both Sree Iyerji and Rajiv Malhotraji. Frivolous as this is, I want […]

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Reclaiming Varnasrama

Dharma precedes, succeeds and supersedes all there is. This is not just another statement in passing but a reflection of the understanding that all that maintains the natural order of things in the Universe (Ṛta), socially and spiritually, is quintessentially Dharmic. This has been realised and highlighted in all major faiths and civilisations of the […]

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