Word War

This page is dedicated to some interesting terms I have come up with, over time, often in the oddest of situations.


Pl. Symbeauties

Anything that is symmetric and beautiful. 

Made for a correspondence on 25th April 2015.



When you turn up in a discotheque wearing a coat, and possibly all prepped up for an executive board or an academic panel! 

Term created in reference to a certain someone who did just that in Harmony 2014 (A St. Stephen’s College event).




One-Dimensional, Stuck-Up Arse(s)

The expansion pretty much says it. Basically for people who are good at painfully limited number of things and yet seem too stuck-up and haughty in day-to-day interactions.

Used for certain individuals in the university.


Humpty Tory / Hunky Tory

A spin on ‘hunky dory’ / ‘humpty dory’. Refers to those right-of-center (preferably affiliated or supportive of the Tories) who are pretty happy with their ideals and the manner in which it has helped people.

Used for the first time during the run-up to the British elections 2015. Being a supporter of the Conservatives in the elections, and pretty confident of their victory, I made the phrase, and it sounded catchy!




Used for noble, compassionate girls and women who are like Hidimbi, good people in the guise of nasty and often cold individuals, and who help a certain someone (a girl, given the ‘Co’) in undertaking such a task, possibly without much hullabaloo and fanfare.

A considerate expansion for a term that is used in such poor taste in modern society at times today.



A (not too) subtle but funny retort for anyone asking you to basically f*** off.

Term used during a small verbal spat with NDM (probably known to some of my Stephanian friends) in a lab session.



LOL Salaam

A take on the famous Communist ‘Lal Salaam’ (red salute); used as a sarcastic term to show the apathy and mock-amusement of those in power towards their subjects.

Can be used generally, in a non-sarcastic way, to praise someone’s work or deed, or to acknowledge the humor in someone’s words or jokes.

Term first used in an article on Youth Ki Awaaz titled ‘Is the Government Giving its Final LOL Salaam?



Trivia(l) Xcentricity

Basically to do with how one can go to the edge of eccentricity by amassing trivia about the world around us, and yet that is insignificant in the larger scheme of things. The ‘X’ signifies the quest for that elusive solution, that elusive x-factor in a 42-like solution which takes us and our eccentricity near to NOT being trivial anymore.

Term used on multiple occassions for naming quizzes I have hosted in Delhi (particularly in St. Stephen’s College)



Chiaroscuro Zeitgeist

Chiaroscuro Zeitgeist refers to the whole ball-game of symmetrybeing the idea to enshrine. ‘Chiaroscuro’ is the play of light and shade, while ‘Zeitgeist’ is a prominent and defining spirit of a generation or age.

That was cut-paste job from the ‘About Me’ section of this blog. Ha ha. ’nuff said.




Something that is fantastic and ticks off the box for as much fun as our very own crazy Tasmanian Devil (Taz) would have from one of his goofy little exploits.



Relates to the idea of mystery and suspense, and derived from Orpheus’ famous ‘Orphic’ mysteries.

Used as the name for the first online tech hunt of St. Stephen’s College, organized by the Computer Society, St. Stephen’s College. (Orfik 2013, Orfik 2014)

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